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D.I.Y. Bridal Beauty Tips for Your Big Day

Surprisingly, many women decide to do their own makeup on their wedding day, and once you’ve got the dress and your hair sorted then it’s time to focus on your face.

Here we’ve listed some wonderful get-gorgeous tips for brides on their big day:

  • Spray tan – If you are getting a spray tan, make sure you get it done two days before your big day. According to the experts, tans will usually darken on the second day and then have set on the third.
  • Practice – It’s important that no matter what style of wedding makeup you’ve decided on, you should practice a few times before the big day. A lot of the attention will be on you for the entire time, so you want to make sure that you are really happy with the way your makeup looks in all of the photographs snapped by your photographer and your guests.
  • Red lips – Many brides aren’t sure about the bright red, bold lipstick and avoid it thinking they simply can’t pull it off. The fact is that bold red lips are classic and timeless, it’s just a matter of finding the right shade of red that suits you.
  • Smoky or cat eyes – The style of eye makeup you use will depend on what works best for you. Both smoky eyes and cat eyes are popular at the moment, but no matter what you choose make sure you practice plenty beforehand. If you are considering a cat eye, consider using a cake liner as opposed to a pencil, as this will stay on all day long. For the smoky eye, blending is the key.


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