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Couple follows Wedding Family Tradition

Many brides follow family wedding tradition by wearing their mother’s wedding dress, but Zane and Emma McGreary had their own special tradition when it came to choosing the date for their wedding.

By a remarkable coincidence, the couple’s parents were married on the same day of the year. When the time came for Zane and Emma to pick a date, they decided to choose May 25th, the same day that both of their parents were married. The couple had been together for a few years when they discovered that their parents shared a wedding date.

Emma added another special tradition to her day by wearing the same dress that her mother wore in 1985, and that her grandmother had worn when she was married in 1954. Emma revealed that wearing the same dress meant a lot to her.

The long-sleeved vintage wedding gown, which is over 58 years old, was a perfect fit for Emma. All that was needed was a hand wash and repairs for a few small holes.

The couple were married at Emma’s parent’s Karrabin property, and later honeymooned on the tropical island of Vanuatu.


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