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Country-Inspired Engagement Session with Ray and Evangeline

Ray and Evangeline are the sweetest kind, the quirkiest pair with beautiful hearts who simply adore each other and aren’t pretentious about their faith and passion for Jesus. They are also one of our dearest friends and we were over-the-moon when they asked us to spend their wedding day not only as guests but as their wedding photographers.

Ray and Evangeline are environmental friendly giants. Believe it or not, it’s rare that I meet people who would make the effort to reuse or buy recycled materials as much as possible. I remember staying up late one night in New York watching a show on “the life of rubbish” and the images of houses residing near landfills of filthy rubbish had binned my bad habits for life. I’m now a self-confessed recycling junkie. Anyway, my point is that I was really excited when Evangeline told me she wanted a “green” DIY wedding –Peeled-back labeled jars, 100% recycled paper-pulp wedding invites, vintage suitcases just to name a few. Knowing their personalities, we knew they wanted a unique wedding that represented them as a couple and who they are individually, and this even meant wearing glasses (no-contact lens) on the wedding day! I’m so impressed!

Country-inspired theme was what we had in mind for Ray and Evangeline’s engagement shoot. Think 60s styled suitcases, checkered shirts, Converse sneakers, Wedge heels, and cardboard picture frames sprawled with fancy cartoon drawings set in Melbourne’s Western suburbs. Ray and Evangeline were spoiled with fields of gold Canola flowers and gorgeous sunlight. All credit is due to our talented photographer and friend, Katie from Heart Story who actually found this same sweet spot for our very own couple shoot! More about our couple shoot later. 😉

We had a lot of fun hanging out, swapping stories including my clothes, and watching them kiss in front of our cameras (and they weren’t shy about it!). Thank you Ray and Evangeline for your companionship and being such great models!
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2 Responses to Country-Inspired Engagement Session with Ray and Evangeline

  • HAHA! Thanks guys! Love your post and your photos 🙂
    It’s funny how both you and Cecylia describe our wedding as a green wedding. I think halfway through we totally forgot about it and just did what we always do – making choices that cost less and results in less stuff leftover that will simply turn into junk and take up precious space in our tiny apartment!

    And I LOVE what you did with the last photo! Good idea, a bit of a pictorial cliff hanger eh?

    • Yay, thanks Hun! Yep that’s exactly what I had in mind when I brought out the frames – a wedding post cliff hanger! If u look at the pic from a distance, it looks 3d, with Ray’s arm hanging out of the frame. Hehe 😉

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