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Choosing a Wedding Band

The prospect of having a band play live music at a wedding can be exciting. Taking time to choose the right band will mean that the bride and groom have a better match with their vision for the entertainment side of their wedding.

Listen live

It is crucial to see the band live before making a decision. Most bands will have video tapings and samples of their live performances, but a real-time, live performance is the best way to obtain an accurate impression of the band’s style and level of competence.

Backing tracks

The bride and groom may end up with a list of bands to choose from. Couples could compare bands on the basis of vital criteria such as experience, feel, playing style, as well as whether they use a backing track. The difference between using a backing track and playing completely live can be enormous.

Trust the band’s choices

Once a band is chosen, the couple should avoid micromanaging the band. Confining the band to a comprehensive list of songs can limit their scope when a wedding usually has guests with a spectrum of musical preferences. Instead, the couple should trust the band’s choices.


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