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Celebrate with Glamour Photography

Professional photographers are noticing an increase in clients requesting nude, boudoir or glamour photo sessions, according to Inner Spirit Photography.

Often the photography session celebrates a key event or birthday milestone. It could be an anniversary, graduation, weight loss or prenatal gift.

Each time one looks back at the image created, the intentions behind it are remembered. These photos become markers of the moment, and one’s mind notes the intent and memories surrounding the event, much like an emotional anchor.

This subconsciously signals what is important in your life.

For some clients, it is a bucket list item. And while many people consider a nude shot as something outrageous and brave, it is often easier to do than imagined.

Some women have booked in shoots to mark personal growth or the launch of a new business.

Whatever the catalyst, a personal and glamorous session of photography defines a point in time. It’s level of emotional intensity lives on, creating an anchor through which to relive that cornerstone or plateau of joy.


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