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Bridal Shower Suggestions

Take the pressure off pre-wedding celebrations by planning a more relaxed few days. A good time is much easier to achieve without excessive complications, according to Polka Dot Wisdom

Here are some simple tips for bridal shower or hens nights.

  • Feed your guests – Keeping guests watered and fed is a must. Try wine and cheese tasting, high-tea a restaurant dinner or brunch.
  • Go easy on the games – One game acts as an ice-breaker, the second one is a bit fun, but after that…well. Pinterest and Google have tons of fun games ideas, but keep it to one or two and make them personal. For example, ask the groom and bride the same questions separately then read out the answers during the event.
  • Have an activity in the gathering – Try a hands-on cooking class, book a table at Max Brenner, hold a  pamper session, go dancing or have a chick-flick evening. Personalise it with printed balloons or banners.

Given so many women are always on the go, a chilled, low-key event could be the ‘something different’ we all need.


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