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Bridal Bouquet Blooms Resurrected after 78 Years

A bouquet that has not bloomed for 78 years has been resurrected by the Floral Art Guild of the ACT. The new bouquet was created for the Centenary of Floral Art in Canberra exhibition at the Canberra Centre.

The original bouquet was held by Jean Valentine at her 1935 wedding, and a floral technician from the Guild, Marie Lenon, reconstructed a similar bouquet based on Valentine’s wedding photos. The draping bouquet was the focal point of the photo of Valentine as a bride.

Lenon was Australia’s national bouquet-making champion from 1995 to 2000. She has represented Australia overseas, and won an international competition for bouquet-making in Canada.

Lenon explained that the black and white photo did not reveal the exact shades of flowers used in the original bouquet, so a precise replica was not possible. She explained that there were definitely roses and daisies in the bouquet, and these flowers were used in the recreation along with chrysanthemums, gladioli, and carnations.


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