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Blast from the past – Boris Becker relaunches his PUMA red and white trainers

Last night I was invited to PUMA x BORIS BECKER Lifestyle Launch (#pumatennis) 2015 on 524 Flinders Street where Boris Becker relaunched his trademark red and white trainers he wore in 1985 when he was only 17 years old!

The biggest highlight of-course was meeting my childhood tennis player, Boris Becker who looked super relaxed and casual in his blue jacket over a monochrome polo shirt with dark denim, and red and white trainers. I must admit, I couldn’t recognise him at first because it’s been so long ago, but it was inspiring to learn that he’s still active in the Tennis Sporting industry – the current tennis coach to Novak Djokovic! I’m just glad he brought back his red and white trainers, because it just goes well with Street Wear!

Anyway these trainers are available at Platypus so get your hands on a pair because I’m sure I’ll be wearing mine to photo shoots.

All images were taken by Karen Woo of Finessence Photography, please seek permission for any image usage thank you.



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