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Big moments

For the past 3 days, we’ve been glued to our TV set since the Voice of Australia, season 2 has began. As we tune into the series and me gushing over Ricky Martin taking note on what the coaches were saying, it dawned on me that there isn’t much difference between a singer and a photographer. We are all yearning for that life changing moment. It’s that big break that sets the course of life, or the rest of your life. The decisions we make, the challenges we face or things the unexpected events that happen in our life.

Taking that leap of faith to leave our IT careers to pursue our passion for wedding and portrait photography, has definitely transformed our lives. It humbled us, it made us look at our lives with a different and discerning perspective. It made us become better people on how we want to live life without taking it for granted.

To finish off, here’s one gorgeous image that resonates with big moments. When your child makes their first steps and gives you a wave, it’s these special moments that is forever etched in our hearts.

Stay happy everyone xx

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