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Our Favourites Clicks of 2015

Year 2016 has started with a bang and we can’t believe how incredibly busy we have been at Finessence HQ! As we are fast approaching February, we thought we take you back at our 2015 journey and celebrate what an awesome year it has been for the Finessence crew.

Thank you so much to everyone who has walked through our doors, stood in front of our cameras and all the great laughs and conversations we have shared.

Stay happy and laugh continuously xoxo

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Look Who’s Talking

This super cute little guy, Matteo came into our studio this week.

A French-Asian mix baby who couldn’t stop cracking up.

We’ll just let the photos do the talking!

melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait

When smashing the cake wasn’t quite what you expect!

This adorable family came into our studio a week ago with several changes of toddler outfits, custom made baby bunting, helium balloons and a stunning blue ombre cake for “smashing the cake”. The portrait shoot was well planned, thought out and prepared, but we weren’t expecting this…

Baby Cedric HATED his cake.

Yes you read right. You would have thought, judging by the “smash the cake” pictures on their website all babies would squeal with excitement and dig their hands into their cake but Cedric was quite the opposite. He would ball his eyes out with streams of tears flowing down his cheeks whenever the cake appeared in front of him. Poor little Cedric :`(

He just made you want to reach out and comfort him, at the same time stand back (toughen up) and capture this special moment. You know what, crying isn’t such a bad thing, I mean babies have all kinds of expressions and that includes crying right?

Anyway this was how the family portrait session unfolded…and I loved every moment of it xo


family-photography-in-melbourne family-photography-in-melbourne father-and-son-portrait-photography mother-and-son-portrait-photography cheeky-one-year-old cheeky-one-year-old melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait smash-the-cake-photography

Sorry Cedric, the party is over…smash-the-cake-photography

Capturing the essence of a 4 month old baby

Meet Baby Harper. 4 month old baby boy. Undeniably adorable.

The typical blue-eyed and blonde baby, which makes all the baby girls go “GAH” and his future wife go “OH LA LA”.

Seriously, I couldn’t keep my lens off of this super cute kid.

Doesn’t his smile melt your heart away…..just wanna pinch your cheeks, oh and your cute little buns.

Yes Harper, I’m looking at you.

Baby portrait photography: 1 in 100 babies

Did you know that 1 in 100 babies are born with congenital heart disease? The stats are quite staggering. I watched 60 minutes the other night and learned that Alisa Camplin, the Olympic Gold Aerial skier had given birth to baby Finn with heart disease and died 10 days later when his aortic valve failed. A bit of the story is here –

My heart ached as baby Finn laid helplessly in the incubator, while being strapped to the life support machine. I started to bawl as soon as Alisa described her struggles, especially when she said the hardest thing was not being able to touch, caress or carry baby Finn for days since he needed to be in the incubator. However, Alisa was able to use her challenges to raise awareness and help save other expectant mothers to determine the health of their babies’ heart at an early stage. Her strength was inspiring.

You can donate to Alisa Camplin and Oliver Warner’s charity at

So when I look at little Jayden, I realise how blessed we are to have such a healthy boy. We praise God for his protection.

Time has flew so fast! This is our cheeky monkey at 12 weeks!

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