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Altering Photographs

The inherent rule of glamour photographs is to depict a model at his or her “best”, according to Sharifa McFarlane on Full of Knowledge.

Professional models will expect their best features to be highlighted by photographers in a glamour shoot.

For mere mortals (that is, regular men and women undergoing glamourous photo shoots) it is expected that one’s most flattering clothes will be worn, perhaps professional hair and make-up invested in.

However, sometimes the physical work of enhancing the subject to look good for the shoot can spill over into the editing phase. That is, long after the photos were snapped. This is commonly through Photoshop.

There is debate surrounding digital touch-ups via software programs, and not everyone agrees with it. Some people want to present as naturally as possible, in a true representation of the moment the photo was taken.

Many have no problem removing fine lines from a photo, or perhaps shedding a few kilos.


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