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A Guide for Brides: The Latest Trends in Wedding Photography

Your wedding photos are something you are going to treasure forever, so you don’t want to compromise on the quality under any circumstances.

Here we’ve listed some interesting wedding photography trends you may want to consider when looking for the right wedding photographer to meet your needs.

  • Firstly, take the time to do a little research into some of the latest trends in wedding photography so you can get an idea of the things you like.
  • Be creative and let your imagination go wild. You may want to choose a theme for your wedding photography shoot, for example. Don’t limit yourself with ideas and you’ll come up with something that suits the two of you as a couple.
  • Wedding album themes – For the theme of your wedding album, there are plenty of alternatives out there to the traditional style album. The nostalgic feel of the black and white wedding album is for those who enjoy all things vintage. You may want to ask your photographer to add a few colours to the black and white images if you are worried having the entire album in black and white might look a little dull.
  • Fusion photography – This describes the trend of combining both photographs and video to tell the story of your special day, which has become more popular in recent decades.


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