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Melbourne Wedding Featuring Anni & Rame

One of our favourite weddings of the year with this upbeat and super fun couple, Anni & Rame.

Anni actually works at the Maling Road Post Office (just 2 minutes walk from our studio) so we see each other quite often when we drop off our clients parcels and mail. So when she popped by for a surprise visit and told us she wanted to book us, we felt extremely lucky and special knowing how much they loved our work.

Thank you so much for choosing us as your wedding photographers so here are the highlights of their special day!

“Hey Karen and Alan, thank you both so much for your help and of-course your amazing wedding photos every moment of the day was so special and you captured it perfectly. We both love our album so much! Thank you! [heart] Rame & Anni xxx”


What Shoes to Wear on Your Wedding Day

Are you are a bride in need for some shoe style inspiration? Well we have got a few tips and style ideas which could help choosing your heels more wisely.

  • Choose heels that are mid length (2 inches high) – it makes walking around locations much more comfier
  • Bring a cute pair of flats. For example, the Melissa flats with heart bow ties are a fabulous choice. Steer away from flip flops, the reason being is that sometimes when we want to capture some natural walking shots. Though it happens rarely, we just don’t want you to look back and cringe at the fact that you had worn your slippers instead of your heels
  • Slide in some heel slip ons to protect your feet from rubbing
  • Wear your new heels in at least three months ahead so you are confident walking in them
  • Fact: Though high heels make you look taller, it actually makes your legs look slimmer and gives you a lovely S-Shape when you are having your full body portraits taken


The Traditional White Heels

Jessica_Michael30Judy_Richard55 Steph_Alex16 MTHoang_0250Jessica_Michael27 Jessica_Adam25



Writing a message on the bottom of your high heels



Getting Ready Shoe Shots

The prettiest getting ready shoe shots are when the bride seats by the edge of the chair or bed by the window light, and putting on their heels with their engagement ring finger showing…

Cindy_Norman03 Angela_Bruno148 Carmen_Jon14Maidy_Anthony275

Pop of Colour

Why don’t you try colour?

Red, black, blue and glitter has been the most popular colour amongst brides. How about wearing sneakers on your weddding day?

Well that’s sore feet sorted for the entire day 🙂



All images created by Finessence Photography

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