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When smashing the cake wasn’t quite what you expect!

This adorable family came into our studio a week ago with several changes of toddler outfits, custom made baby bunting, helium balloons and a stunning blue ombre cake for “smashing the cake”. The portrait shoot was well planned, thought out and prepared, but we weren’t expecting this…

Baby Cedric HATED his cake.

Yes you read right. You would have thought, judging by the “smash the cake” pictures on their website all babies would squeal with excitement and dig their hands into their cake but Cedric was quite the opposite. He would ball his eyes out with streams of tears flowing down his cheeks whenever the cake appeared in front of him. Poor little Cedric :`(

He just made you want to reach out and comfort him, at the same time stand back (toughen up) and capture this special moment. You know what, crying isn’t such a bad thing, I mean babies have all kinds of expressions and that includes crying right?

Anyway this was how the family portrait session unfolded…and I loved every moment of it xo


family-photography-in-melbourne family-photography-in-melbourne father-and-son-portrait-photography mother-and-son-portrait-photography cheeky-one-year-old cheeky-one-year-old melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait melbourne-baby-portrait smash-the-cake-photography

Sorry Cedric, the party is over…smash-the-cake-photography

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